Who is the man?

By Viktoria Kabatne Urban

A recent survey conducted by Edinburgh Napier News found that women of our modern world are more attracted to men with feminine traits than to those with masculine ones. Does this suggest a shift in women’s preferences and if so, does this have anything to do with different age groups or nationality?

The Daily Mail’s online report on August 18th found that British women prefer masculine men to metrosexual men. This came after psychologists from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland conducted a survey earlier this year to prove that masculine men are healthier genetically. Dozens of studies have been carried out since then, the most recent just ended today, asking 62 women to choose which type of men they like: metrosexual, the latin-macho type or men with more masculine traits.

The manly, masculine types got 21 votes, machos 12, while the most popular metrosexual types received 29 votes from the ladies. When asked about why this recent change occured in society Dr Calum Neill, a lecturer in psychology at Edinburgh Napier University, said: ‘Why do you suppose this is a recent phenomenon? I do think there are definite shifts in sexuation, with a much more generalised hystericisation, which have led to the increasing acceptability of the hysterical male…but this in no way suggests a shift in what women want. Weren’t women always drawn to the poetic Don Juan?’

Dr Neill’s comments dismiss the speculation that metrosexual traits were first exposed by the media, starting with actors like Pierce Brosnan and football player David Beckham.

The research, being carried out among 10 nations and five age groups also revealed that none of these factors have influence on preferences as almost all of them voted for metrosexual men.