X Factor Star Facing Deportation

By Celeste Carrigan

Gamu Nhengu the young singing contestant from Scotland who was controversially eliminated from the X Factor competition at the weekend is now having to face another blow, deportation.

 It has been confirmed by immigration officials that the young contestant’s mother, Nokuthula Ngazana, has been refused permission to stay in the country after her visa expired in August. It was believed Gamu Nhengu and her family were allowed to stay in the country, whilst her mother Ms Ngazana studied at University.

 The UK Border Agency released a statement that said: “The applications made by Ms Ngazana and her family were considered in line with the published immigration rules.

“Ms Ngazana’s application was refused as it did not meet all of the conditions for approval.  Her family, who had applied as her dependants, were therefore also refused.”

Ngazana said she was unaware of the UK Border’s Agency’s decision.

Gamu Nhengu originally from Zimbabwe, has lived in Scotland for the past eight years. Her dreams of being a singer where crushed at the weekend after being knocked out the competition, one week before the live finals began. But now after  rumours of her maybe rejoining the show as wildcard may have been squashed. It has been confirmed that they must leave the United Kingdom voluntarily or face deportation to their native Zimbabwe.

A spokesman for the Home Office said the decision to axe Gamu from the X Factor was the “business” of the television show.  The show’s bosses have had to hit back and have denied the reports that Cheryl Cole decision at the weekend was highly influenced by the fear the Gamu’s visa was due to run out.

A spokeswoman for the ITV talent show said: “Gamu’s visa being processed was not the reason that she didn’t make the final 12.”

Since the final Twelve contestants of X Factor where announced and the backlash surrounding Cheryl Cole decision to put through Cher Loyd who did not complete her audition over Gamu Nhengu almost flawless audition.  A  Facebook Group  campaign was created within hours of the decision,  to have the Zimbabwe-born singer reinstated to the show has already gathered over 200,000 supporters.