National Business Convention for Scotland

by Jamye Drohan

The Federation for Small Businesses (FSB) and the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) today announced plans for the first National Business Convention to take place after the Holyrood elections in May 2011.

The aim of the National Business Convention will be to form a partnership between hundreds of Scottish businesses, politicians and financial experts, with a view to developing an action plan for economic growth for Scotland.

A spokesperson for the SCDI said that this announcement is an initial confirmation that this event will go ahead in Edinburgh in June 2011, with further details to be finalised early in the New Year.

The Chief Executive of SCDI, Dr. Lesley Sawers explains; “In a reduced spending environment, it is essential that Scotland’s business and civic organisations work together with our politicians to ensure the right decisions are made to secure and drive forward the recovery.”

The announcement has been met with cross- party support from MSPs.

Labour’s Andy Kerr, Shadow Finance Secretary said; “The first priority of an incoming Labour government in Scotland will be to grow the economy and defend jobs.

“I recognise that if we are to be successful we need to listen to the views of the business community and civic society.”

Derek Brownlee, Scottish Conservatives’ Finance Spokesman, supports the announcement, saying; “it is essential for the next Scottish administration to work with business in Scotland to ensure that we create a more balanced economy so increasing the private sector’s share and the number of jobs in the private sector.”

While there seems to be support behind the idea for a Business Convention, how it will achieve economic growth remains to be seen.