Buddhist VIP blesses Scotland

by Trystan Davies

Next week a renowned Buddhist Lama is visiting Scotland giving students from all over the world a special experience. Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, considered the equivalent of a Bishop in Tibetan Buddhism, will stay at the Gomde Lindholme Hall near Inverness.

Rinpoche will be  greeted by bagpipes, incense, tea and biscuits in a Tibetan tent.  He will teach for  four days and cover the entire Buddhist path with topics such as how to live  life, face death, and how to meditate.  One Buddhist student, Ms Kate Riddick said “it is a very special event to get so close to someone who is considered to be the equivalent of a Bishop in the Tibetan Buddhist Spiritual Circle”.

Lama Rinpoche, 59, left his native Tibet in central Asia  in 1959 and rose through the ranks of Buddhism becoming a Dharma master to 500 monks.  In 1976 he was instructed to teach Buddhism to Westerners and has since toured the world. Buddhism is a religion practised by over 350 million people across the world.  The majority of its followers are in South-East Asia but Tibet has its own form of the spiritual tradition centred on its leader the Dalai Lama.  After China invaded Tibet in 1959 the Dalai Lama and many other monks, including the young Chökyi Nyima, escaped into exile away from brutal suppression.  The monks have since represented Tibetan Buddhism throughout the world and worked for peace in their homeland.

This months teachings will take place in a large Tibetan tent to over forty students but it is expected to be a small and informal programme.  On the day of the full moon, the 23rd of September, Lama Rinpoche will bless the Gomde land in a special ceremony.  The land will then develop the meditation of the Buddhists and their qualities in peace and harmony.  Rinpoche will also take time to visit the beautiful beaches, castles and moors of North-East Scotland.

The  Gomde Lindholme Hall attracts Buddhist dignitaries across the world with H.H. Phakchok Rinpoche visiting in November. It is still possible to join in with the event and for more information get in touch with the Gomde Hermitage. The visit has no fixed fee but donations are welcome.

Trystan Davies