Domestic Abuse in Men on the Increase in Scotland.

Recent reports show a 10% rise in male domestic abuse victims in Scotland over the last year.

Edinburgh based organisation Goodmoves aim to create volunteer run charities in many areas of Scotland. Abused Men in Scotland (AMIS) have launched a campaign to get government support on the ongoing issue of domestic violence, and help find a voice for the men who suffer it.

 “Jenn”, just one of Goodmove’s volunteers thinks that cases are not on the increase, but awareness most definitely is:

“I don’t believe that there has been a significant rise in cases of male domestic abuse victims, but thanks belong to all the organisations working together to ensure people understand this is a serious and common problem. More men have come forward, instead of shying away for lack of strength or courage”.

Home office statistics (2010) show that 30 men each year are killed in instances of domestic violence. With 4 new cases arising in Scotland every day.

AMIS offer confidential services to men of all ages; regardless of background and do so on a daily basis:

“We offer a private service, no call logs or access to the web page can be traced by anyone else, and simply give victims the means to speak out confidently, report violence, or just lend an ear to those in need”.  said Alison Waugh, co founder of AMIS.

On a larger scale, British organisations like ManKind suggest that the reason for this is a change in attitudes and a greater acceptance of this issue as a real problem:

“There is a major problem, in that acknowledgement of the issue is ignored and this ignorance is only sustained by ‘macho’ attitudes and an opinion that men are always the more dominating sex, and therefore are not at the forefront of concern. Men are seen as perpetrators of violence, not victims, but recent press is a great start to a means of ending this problem. What this means for us, is that government ministers will look up, instead of turning a blind eye. The services and facilities needed to cope with this growing problem will continue to develop, and the ignorance will stop”.