Peggmania Hits Edinburgh, The UK, And Possibly The World

Simon Pegg presenting "Nerd Do Well"

by Alessandro Brunelli

The words workaholic and celebrity don’t usually go along well, but Simon Pegg seems to be an exception to the rule: far from sitting back and enjoying the cult-status his early appearances on the small and big screen have recently earned him,  the 40 year-old, Gloucester-born actor, is now touring the UK to present his recently published biography, ‘Nerd Do Well’.

The tour has already hit some of the major UK towns, such as London and Glasgow, and will reach Edinburgh today, Wednesday October 20th.

The book, which the writer described as ‘chunky’ in an interview for, has been written without the help of any ghostwriter over 3 months of intense 9-5 writing, and will feature that funny and irreverent approach which is also peculiar of Pegg’s acting roles.

The immediate future of the actor is doubly entwined with the Scottish capital, as eagerly awaited movie “Burke And Hare” will hit the screens in little more than a week, on October 29th.

The movie, directed by John Landis (American Werewolf In London), will follow the locally famous adventures of two body snatchers, William Burke and William Hare, in 19th century Edinburgh.

For as much as the UK seems to be central to his career and recent success, the British star is not limiting his options, and is currently enjoying a positive spell in Hollywood.

Along with Paul, to be released on 18 March 2011 in the US, Pegg will be starring in Spielberg’s ‘The Adventures Of Tin -Tin, The Secret Of The Unicorn’, and ‘Mission Impossible IV’, both out around Christmas 2011, and has also been confirmed for a Star Trek sequel, to follow his 2009 appearance in the first episode.

The in-store event at Waterstone’s will then be a perfect moment for both die-hard fans and newbies.

Were you to find yourself in the shop to look back at the glorious days of ‘Spaced’ and ‘Shaun Of The Dead’, or to get a glimpse of the shape of things to come, Pegg with certainly bring along some of the laughter and the excitement which can’t seem to leave him these days.