NHS Trust scheme can offer contraception to girls as young as 13 without parent’s knowledge

By Jamie Livingstone.

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The scheme which allows girls aged 13 to 16 to access emergency hormonal contraception without their parent’s knowledge is been pioneered by the Isle of Wight Trust.

Dr Jennifer Smith, the director of public health at NHS Isle of Wight said today that: “It is not for the health service to moralize on the rights and wrongs of underage sex but earlier this year we identified a gap in local arrangements.”

Under the scheme, trained pharmacists will first hold a consultation with the patient, provide advice on sexually transmitted diseases and make a referral to the Sexual Health Service.

Dr Smith added: “The main aim is to protect vulnerable young people who in some circumstances find it difficult to speak to their parents about important issues.”

More than a quarter of young people are sexually active before they are 16.