Staff strikes loom at University of Dundee

With the University of Dundee planning to cut up almost two hundred jobs, staff are now planning to move forward with strike action.

The Dundee University and College union (DUCU) voted last week in favour of a strike ballot which, if succesful, would lead to lecturers and professors striking. This would mean that some classes and lectures would have to be canceled.

An official statement from the University of Dundee was not given, and the DUCU could not be reached for comment.

David Cubbitt, a student at the University of Dundee who has raised concerns over the potential strikes, said: “I am a hard working student, and this strike may lead to some of my classes being canceled, which I don’t think is fair.” However, he also added that he sympathized with the frustrations of the union: “I am disappointed the university is planning to cut jobs, as I feel many of the board members at the university earn too much money already, and their wages would be a better place to start cuts with!”