Dundee Football Club face uncertainty over financial investment

by Leighton Craig

The future of Dundee Football Club was cast into further doubt yesterday as the Scottish Football League (SFL) deducted them 25 points, leaving them struggling to find financial backers.

The decision, made nearly a month after they entered administration, has been met with widespread disbelief by everyone involved with the club .

Bryan Jackson, of administrators PKF, told the club’s website that the severity of the deduction is likely to be appealed, “I think that this is an outrageous punishment for the club.

“With almost guaranteed demotion from the first division it will be much more difficult to attract investment or retain players”.

It is the second time the club have entered administration in the last ten years, and the SFL’s decision is thought to reflect this.

However, Jackson considers the action to be particularly harsh given the amount of support the club has received from supporters and the city of Dundee to date.

In addition to this, the fact that the team has been able to fulfill it’s fixtures to date is also thought to have upset the administrators.

The situation is in contrast to that of Gretna Football Club who, in 2008, were relegated to the Third Division on the basis that that they could not guarantee their games would be played.

It is thought to have a particularly detrimental effect on the club’s ability to attract financial investors, as their relegation to the the third tier of Scottish football is highly likely.

The side will effectively have nothing to compete for in the league which, in turn, will also damage it’s ability to attract supporters to their games.

Jackson continues, “given that the club is fulfilling its fixtures with a credible team this seems a punitive and punishing blow which threatens the future existence of the club.

Everyone involved at DFC is working hard to ensure that the club survives this administration but this penalty makes that situation much more difficult”.

It is thought that potential investors will hesitate to contribute financially, due to the likelihood of relegation and the future of the club continues to remain uncertain.