GooGoo for GaGa

Blythe Harkins


University of South Carolina does not spring to mind when one would think of courses that push boundaries, but that is about to change.  Professor Mathieu Deflem, a sociology professor is offering “Lady GaGa and the Sociology of the Fame,” as a course for the spring semester.  He said he will be examining the social construction of fame and GaGa’s transformation into “The Fame Monster.”

Delflem is a diehard fan who is GooGoo for GaGa!  Having been to 29 of her concerts he has become quite the front row face and even met her five times. It’s to the point where Lady GaGa has started recognised  Delflem at her shows.  His ultimate goal is that she finds time between her busy tour schedule to come and be a visiting guest lecturer.

According to the official course description, it will be “relatively challenging” because of the required reading and homework.  The course is suspected to require three to four hours of work per week, outside the classroom.  Focus will be on the social conditions of fame and what aided to Lady Gaga’s rise to fame so quickly.  Delflem did not set out to make a Lady GaGa course at first, but he wanted to include her in the lectures so he figured it would more beneficial to observe the climb to fame as a whole.


The books that will give insight into the rise of "The Fame Monster."



Students are quite excited about the class and have already contacted the professor expressing their enthusiasm for socially deconstructing GaGa.   The course may even be filled with some extravagant costumes!  Delflem said that “Some starving artists deserve to starve, but many others who have real talent never land celebrity status. “How do we make sense of Lady Gaga’s rise?”

The costumes, the controversial music videos, the outrageous outfits, (including the ten inch high Alexander McQueen stilettos) apparently are just skimming the surface of what is “GaGa”.  Maybe a dive into the sociological relevancy of that fame.