Obama looses House to Republicans

By Chris Enderby

The house has changed owners


The American Mid-term elections are in and the Republicans have scored a heavy blow against Barack Obamas ability to pass law in the States.

In the House  out of 422 potential seats the Republicans  have secured 239 to the Democrats 183 Though the Democrats still control the senate with 51 seats their ability to pass legislation has been severely hampered by the fact that the other major law making body is in the hands of their rivals.

To mitigate as much damage and try to secure good relations with the new speaker of the house John Boehner, President Obama placed a call after the results were in saying “he hoped to find common ground” with the Republican.

Many political commentators are now saying this turn of events in voters punishing Obama for his lack of change and ability to steer America out the financial troubles she is in. Mark Mardell the BBC’s North American Editor wrote ”Mr Obama’s fall from grace has been hard and fast. He has been pulled to Earth by an electorate that is deeply divided, by a politics that has become tidal.”

A president hasn’t suffered such a pummeling in the mid-term elections  since 1994 when During Bill Clinton’s First term the Democrats lost 54 seats and the Republicans stepped into power for the first time since 1954.

The situation is now somewhat similar to the events of the 2010 british general elections where the British parliament was left without a majority leadership and a power sharing coalition had to be set up.

While the Americans will not be creating a coalition Obama will have to concede to the Republicans on certain agendas and in return they concede certain points to the Democrats and work with them to forward goals that are in the American Peoples best interest rather than leave their country stalled.