Striking Firefighters “demonised” by public.

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As bonfire night approaches an Edinburgh based Firefighter has condemned the “demonization” of the striking members of the London Fire Department.

It comes after strikebreakers unleashed a day of shocking violence against London’s Firefighters.  At Croyden Fire station a striking Firefighter was struck by a speeding vehicle driven by a non – union member.  In a statement released by the Fire Brigade Union, President Mike Shaw described what happened:

“A fire engine returned from an incident…it drove slowly, at the brigade maximum of 5 mph, so that pickets could move out of the way before they were mown down”

“It was followed by a car driven by the officers…it accelerated suddenly and one of the Firefighters was thrown up and into the windscreen, then several feet in front of the car”

He went on to say that: “We asked the AssettCo employees who had control of our fire station for a first aid kit and some blankets, but they would not give them to us despite the obviously serious nature of the injuries”.

In response, local Firefighter Liam Stewart has said that the Fire brigade Union are being unfairly demonised by the public:

“With the timing of this strike, the FBU are losing public support and this is unfair.  What the public have to understand is the position that fire fighters have been put in”

“It certainly shouldn’t have come to this.  It could all be avoided if the London Fire Brigade scrap their plans to introduce 12 hour shift patterns. It is totally unreasonable.  The only option left for firefighters is to strike.  The public should be on their side”.

The proposed strike to take place over Bonfire weekend is in protest against the LFB’s plans to scrap 15 hour day shifts and 9 hour day shifts with two 12 hour shifts.

The LFB refused to comment but did urge the public to “take extra care” over the weekend.