Is the death of MySpace near?

MySpace Original Logo

By Celeste Carrigan

MySpace was one of the founding social networking sites, originating from California. The website appears to have been hit with the plague of Facebook with its death near, as numbers of users are low.

MySpace New Logo

MySpace has went under a major redesign in the  past couple of weeks to redefine it  as a  “new brand, website and a suite of products that together redefine the company as a social entertainment destination for Gen Y”

The redesign wanted to create a highly personal experience for people to discover entertainment on multi-platforms and connect with fans of similar interests. MySpace has always wanted to  be much more than friends keeping in touch, it is more an entertainment experience.

This appears to have come too late as it is losing a lot of money.  Last night the site that was once the world’s number one social network, was put on notice by its parent company, News Corporation.

Chase Carey, News Corp’s President has said that company was clear that MySpace “is a problem” with looses of £97m. Patience is running out with MySpace especially as the website traffic is still no where as high as it counterpart Facebook, even after the redesign and launch as a new brand.

The website has always been much more than just a social networking site for friends to keep in touch, it has always been a platform for musicians to get their music out to the world. Many music careers have been launched as a result of MySpace such as that of Lily Allen’s. This may be lost if the site  was to close. MySpace has made the world of entertainment a lot easier through social networking and viralling.

It was the second social network site to emerge in 2003, with sites such as Bebo and Facebook coming along a couple of years later. In 2005 it was reported that MySpace had more page views than Google.

The social network has taken the world by storm with many different sites available. If MySpace was to close will the social networking world notice? Has social networking only got place for one site?  Facebook was a small site created by Mark Zuckerberg and college friends and  has taken the throne as  the largest site in the world. It has also been embodied by Hollywood’s Silverscreen in the Movie “The Social Network“. Facebook appears to have taken the world by storm and squashed all those that came before him, is MySpace next?