Dundee taxi’s get council go-ahead

By Sarah Vesty

Proposed plans to increase Dundee taxi fares by 7 per cent have been agreed by Dundee City Council’s Licensing Committee with the hope of implementing them by the end of this month.

The new tariffs were agreed upon during a committee meeting yesterday although they are subject to a one-month appeal process in which the Traffic Commissioner or other interested parties will be given the opportunity to air their concerns.

Dundee Taxi Association’s General Secretary William McIntosh commented that:

“This process could take up to 3 to 4 months . . . without objection it could be seen in as little as 4 weeks.”

The price ‘hike’ is a direct result of a survey asking taxi trade members if they were happy with the pricing structure set up by the council or if they would prefer one proposed by Dundee Taxi Association. Although the results returned were low in numbers – 192 responses – the majority showed drivers were in favour of the DTA review.

Dundee Licensing Committee member, Rob Wallace mentioned early on the application process that:

“While I am disappointed at the relatively poor return, that is the way it stands and we have to go with that position.”

Following yesterdays result an anonymous driver aired his view that:

“Although I think this is a good idea for self-employed taxi drivers like myself I do worry that it could lower business as people won’t want to use them after a night out because they will have become so expensive, especially students.”

Further updates can be expected later on this month after the appeal process and it is likely that people will be forking out extra money as early as December.

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