Fire Brigade and council team up for a safe Guy Fawkes night

By Rachel Watson

Edinburgh city council has this week been removing dangerously constructed and home made bonfires from around the city. This comes with the council’s launch of the new anti social behaviour strategy. It is hoped that these pro-active measures will target problematic situations before they arise, including accidents, injuries and violence.

Community safety officer at Lothian and Borders fire and rescue service, David Lockhart said: “every year we receive hundreds of calls about nuisance and unsupervised bonfires putting real pressure on our resources at our busiest time of year.”

With the new anti social behaviour strategy in place Mr Lockhart said the fire brigade hoped for a fall in violence at this busy period, “this is our busiest time of year but sadly this is also the time when we see a rise in violence towards the crew.”

Guy Fawkes night is one of the busiest weeks of the year for Lothian and Borders fire brigade. Last year they received 1171 calls between 31 October – 7 November, and were called to 249 bonfires.

In a bid to reduce the number of bonfire call outs which the fire Brigade receive this year the fire department are urging people to attend only organized events across the city. Further safety information regarding tonight has been published online by the Lothian and Borders fire brigade.

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