IRA threat level increased to severe

By Sean Stringer

The recent resurgence of IRA activity has sparked growing fears that the Irish Republican Army may be mounting a return and it is now said that they pose a bigger threat than ever through the CIRA (Continuity Irish Republican Army).

It was revealed last night in a report released by the IMC (Independent Monitoring Commission) that the CIRA have become more active and dangerous than ever and the threat assessment level has been raised from substantial to severe in both the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

The dangers have been outlined by Sgt Paul Stringer, MOD Police, Community Policing (Northern Ireland), when he spoke on the matter it became clear that if the current trends set by the IRA are to continue, more and more members of the British Military will lose their lives in the near future. He said:

“The incident as Messerene Barracks has once again brought into sharp focus the difficulties and dangers facing the military community in Northern Ireland. The current threat assessments indicate that dissident republican elements continue to target security forces. This attack is evidence of their operational capability which was further re-enforced by the proxy bomb attack at Palace Barracks, Belfast.”

Because the threat level was raised to severe in Britain recently, it has struck fear into the hearts of those who witnessed the brutal killings of over 300 members of the British military over a 20 year period of time.

It cannot be argued that the IRA has continued to work underground during the ceasefire that was called over 30 years ago. The actions that have been performed of late suggest that they have merely been plotting a number of attacks on the British military and waiting for their moment to strike.