One must updates One’s status

Queen Elizabeth
The Queen's Facebook page joins her Twitter and YouTube accounts.

By Jessica Swift

Today’s launch of ‘The British Monarchy’ page on one of the world’s best known and most popular social networking sites has sparked some controversy.

The page was launched this morning at 8am, and just 2 hours later over 44, 000 people had logged on to ‘like’ it. While you cannot become online ‘friends’ with the queen herself, the page is set to provide daily updates on Royal events and regularly post pictures of the Queen and her family.  The page also includes a ‘Near Me’ application which allows people to find out about past and future Royal visits, events and ceremonies in their area. The page has received positive feedback from users worldwide, many of whom posting comments such as ‘Long live the Queen’.

Despite the page’s apparent initial success, other groups and events have popped up on the site asking and inviting people to ‘troll’ (intentionally cause rifts and arguments on the page by deliberately posting provocative messages and/or comments on a news group or message board) the Queen’s new page.

Already, the page has some negative feedback along with the positive majority (be it through comment screening or otherwise). For example, one Facebook user has commented ‘Why is my money being spent on this parasite when we [are] suffering massive cuts in our public services?’ and users from all over the world have posted their opinions on such matters.

The clear on-going debate over the need for a British Monarchy on it’s own page begs the question of the page’s popularity and success, as there is no question that some members of the site who have opted to ‘like’ the page have only done so in order to  voice their opposing opinions.

To ‘like’ ‘The British Monarchy’ on Facebook or join the discussion you can click here.

To visit her Twitter account click here.

To view the Royal YouTube channel click here.