Domestic Abuse: Charity’s Funding at Risk?

Charity's funding at risk as part of impending spending cuts?

By Anne Mackie

In a recent survey by Scottish Women’s Aid, it was recognised that 120 women seek help for domestic abuse on a day to day basis.

Last month, the campaign drew a 24 hour poll where it was noted that 123 women got in contact for the first time. Statistics proved a total of 1,188 women; children and young people were given some form of help that day.

Although the charity supported a number of women and young people in refuge, a total of 24 women and 26 children were not provided for on the day of the poll. It is thought this was due to lack of sheltered space. The charity claim the principal reason these individuals were left unaccommodated was because they refused to stay in the vicinity. This left 9 women and 11 young people where they were.

There are concerns that some of the charity’s funding could be at risk as part of impending spending cuts. A potential 40 per cent reduction in women’s support funding across Scotland is expected to have a disturbing effect on the quality of support available to victims of domestic abuse.

Scottish Women’s Aid manager Lily Greenan voiced her appeal to the Scottish Government to guarantee dedicated funding streams including the Violence Against Women’s Fund and the Children’s Services Fund continue to provide assistance to the victims of abuse. Greenan said:

“These funds provide an average of 40% of women’s aid groups funding, which will come to an end in March 2011 with no decisions being made about their future.”

Scottish Women’s Aid are still supporting 63 per cent of the women and young people from the poll through Women’s Aid outreach, drop-in and follow-on services.