Guyliner… Gayliner?

Feminising the face of masculinty?

By Anne Mackie

Make-up isn’t just a girl thing. Recent figures prove that 3.3 million British men openly agree to wearing some form of make-up on an everyday basis.

Research confirms men are just as concerned as women with regards to their appearance. One in five male make-up users wear it to work. While one in four said they would feel anxious going out without it.

The typical “male-up bag” consists of a selection of cosmetics including face powder, eye-liner, spot concealer and fake tan, one in seven men suggest. 26 per cent of these men wear it at least once a week, while 13 per cent apply it daily.

Cardiff born Jon Kidd describes his love for makeup as a straight man as a “cosmetic crush”. Statistics show Kidd is among 16 per cent of men in the country who adore their makeup.

“People say men nowadays are feminised. I disagree. We care about our appearance just as much as the average woman”.

Opinuim Research completed a recent study amongst 1,800 men where it was revealed that more than a third of make-up wearing males borrow cosmetics from their female partners.
39 per cent of these women not only lend their make-up but also help them apply it.

Opinium Research consultant, James Endersby, said:

“There is an increasing trend that men are just as aware about their appearance as women and like to take care of the way they look”.

In an age where celebrity icons including Russell Brand are sporting the ‘guyliner’ and ‘manscara’ look, metrosexual makeup is a catching trend, considered ‘normal’ by youngsters.

Despite various arguments, it seems the metrosexual man could be here to stay.