“Mummy” at the age of 10, and her Mummy is not concerned.

by Giulia Mattei

Tressa Middleton, from Armadale, West Lothian, is the youngest British mother and gave birth at the age of 12. The youngest mother of all time was a five-year-old girl in Peru, back in 1939.

Today, we have a new “youngest mother” to add to the list. Her name has not been revealed to the press. She arrived in Spain from Romania, already pregnant, and gave birth to her child last week in a hospital in the city of Jerez de la Frontera.

The child also has a child for a mother.

Both the baby and the baby-mother are in good health, even though the baby’s sex has not been revealed to the press. It was revealed though, that the father of the new born has been reported to be a minor as well.

Medical experts all over the world state that because of the young age, girls that are still growing are more likely to run into complications during pregnancy and birth of the child. And many studies how shown how teenage girls risk to give birth to premature babies and their children have a higher chance of dying before the age of one.  However, this doesn’t seem to occur to the mother of the young girl. Speaking to the staff of the Spanish hospital, she explained how she is not concerned about her daughter’s situation because getting pregnant at such a young age is considered common in their country.

Being both in good health, the baby and its mother were sent back home. Now social services are studying the case and will have to decide weather the new born and the new mother will be living together with the rest of the family. Due to the age of the girl, the reporters were not given many details but Micaela Navarro, social affairs minister for the Andalusia region, said “ The important thing is that both mother and baby are cared for perfectly”, she then added “if it that is the case, they can remain in the family environment, which is what we are checking at  the moment”.