Cardle gets standing ovation

by Simon Black

The final 10 X-Factor contestants stormed the stage last night and mixed opinions hit the air from the very first performance. Call it nerves, call it matter of taste but some acts just didn’t cut the brie. The only two stand-outs were Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson and the rest just should have stayed at home.

Great American Anthems was the theme this week and contestants seemed to struggle with the highly ambiguous genre. A fact that most judges were waiting to sink their teeth into with a back and forth bickering session erupting each time.

Matt Cardle receives standing ovation from the judges
Matt Cardle receives standing ovation

Matt Cardle was the runaway of the night with his rendition of Roberta Flak’s “First Time Ever I Saw Your face” and the judge agreed with a standing ovation and Cheryl saying  ‘That absolutely blew me away, that was amazing. I felt every single word that you said. It was spine-tingling. I get why you’re a favourite. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.’

Cardle, a 27 year old painter, chose the song as a dedication to his mother’s best friend who had died while he was growing up, leaving her to take care of her four sons which Matt soon inherited as his brothers making his family “bigger and better” .

Minouge tearful at Cardle's performance
Minouge tearful at Cardle's performance

Other stand outs during the show was Rebecca Ferguson’s rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My love” and another spine tingle moment was witnessed. Ferguson, 24, is a mix between Corrine Bailey Rae and a splash of Heather Small and if anyone can rival the force that is Matt Cardle it is her.

Another personal highlight was the cringe factor provided by the One Direction boys, a great guilty pleasure which will definitely see them do well coming out of the show.

Acts that struggled and are now in danger include Mary Byrne, who felt the song “slip away from her” and Katie Waisel who sang a horrifying rendition of No Doubt’s greatest hit “Don’t Speak”. The public also just can’t connect to the soulful Treyc Cohen and her position is the most fragile of the entire contestant selection.

Now that the country has sat up and noticed the star that Matt Cardle can become, the bets are naming him as the favourite to take the title and with his ability, he has the potential to become one of the most successful winners, as long as the Simon Cowell marketing machine kicks in a lot sooner than it did for underwhelming Joe McElderry.

Watch Matt perform here!