City nightclub announces move away from glass following customer feedback

by Zac Baker

Edinburgh evening venue The Hive last night announced plans for the coming weeks to replace glasses with hardened plastic cups when serving drinks.

The move comes after customer feedback indicated they would favour the change.

The Hive has proved the value of customer feedback.

Announced via the club’s Facebook page, they said “Over 60% [of customers] voted in favour of plastic at the last poll we took, so we’re basing our decision on that and the feedback we’re receiving.”

Over the last 2 months, The Hive has been welcoming customer feedback in a bid to improve the standard of their popular club nights, and the news has gone down well with frequent visitors.

Kerry Wynne, a student living in the city, said, “I think it is a great idea, the dance floor is always covered in glass, me and my friends are always trying and failing to dodge it.”, while Chloe Cameron-Stevenson continued the injuries theme, simply saying,  “It’s about time, I’m forever cutting myself because of those things [glasses].”

In fact, a number of people agreed with the sentiments of Kerry and Chloe, and were pleased with the prospect of a safer environment within the establishment.

The Hive couldn’t give an exact time period for the transition, but said that it “shouldn’t take too long”.

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