Edinburgh to draw out new year celebrations with January 1st plans.

by Zac Baker

Organisers of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay  announced plans for extra celebrations on new years day, in a bid to take advantage of visitors still around after the world famous celebrations taking place the night before.

The plans are expected to attract over 20,000 people, however, Edinburgh’s citizens seem underwhelmed by the plans, citing a disappointment with the acts on show as the main reason for their probable absence.

Dubbed “Resolution Day” by organisers, the notable acts on show are a live set by singer/songwriter KT Tunstall, and a discussion with writer Ian Rankin, as well as performances from various other Scottish bands and poets.

“After last year, I concluded that the whole celebration had gone rapidly downhill, and I wouldn’t be going again this year anyway,” commented Graeme Henderson, a student from the capital. “I don’t think many people will drag themselves along to it, the lineup is mainly disappointing.”

Claire King, another city student, said that the performances on show “aren’t enough to get me out on New Years Day”, and that she would enjoy a discussion with Ian Rankin, if “it wasn’t the day after the party”.

Of course, the main aim of the additional day is to attract visitors to the city with a show of national produce and offer an alternative to the famous street party, which will likely bring in over 80,000 people once again.


picture courtesy of Edinburghguide.com