First images for biomass plant for Leith waterfront

by Sofia Gonçalves
First images of the biomass plant by an artist's impression (by The Scotsman)

A biomass stack planned to be twice as tall as the Scott Monument shows today its first pictures.

The chimney is generating controversy. The Scotsman reported, “The company, which is a partnership between Forth Ports and Scottish and Southern Energy, says the plant will create hundreds of jobs and help Edinburgh hit renewable energy targets.

“But local campaigners and politicians, including city leader Jenny Dawe, have raised concerns about the development.”

According to the Scotsman “A three-day exhibition, being launched today at the St James Centre in the city centre, will explain how 45 jobs are expected to be created when the plant is up and running, as early as 2016.”

So far the project has created a protest campaign as it is feared that “it will become a “blight” against the future regeneration of the docklands, harm the local environment, and generate few permanent jobs.”, the Scotsman reported.