Jehovah’s Witnesses Encouraged to be Unstoppable

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Gilmerton, Edinburgh

by Viktoria Kabatne Urban

Jehovah’s Witnesses are best known for their preaching work and therefore, their knowledge of the Bible. Last week Derek Armstrong, circuit overseer, visited the Edinburgh Waverley Congregation to encourage them with three special talks to keep up with the ministry.

Brother Armstrong began his visit on Tuesday, 2 November 2010, going out in the ministry with members of the congregation and then giving a talk in the evening, titled: “Why must we keep on the watch?”, in which he warned fellow believers not to let themselves be blinded but feel the urgency of time, to keep on a guard against the world’s spirit and to keep praying earnestly for the flesh is weak but God is strong. At the end of his talk he encouraged the audience to keep busy in the ministry.

On Wednesday there were two field service arrangements (discussing relevant topics that might interest the public and making suggestions how to approach householders followed by preaching work), at the homes of different members of the congregation, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Thursday was the same, spiced up with the circuit overseer’s second talk: “Learning from Jehovah’s works of wisdom”. This talk gave a very detailed walk-through of Proverbs 30:24-28, speaking of the four small but wise creatures of the earth giving the message that witnesses should be determined to co-operate, look after each other, they need to see the danger keenly,  keep each other warm spiritually, strictly stick to their assignment and to regularly share in the preaching work. In the closing sentences he encouraged his brothers and sisters to cling to their relationship with Jehovah.

Friday and Saturday went on with multiple ministry arrangements and on Sunday, brother Armstrong gave his final talk titled: “Imitate Jesus’ example of watchfulness!” This talk revolved around three main points: praying frequently and fervently before making decisions and on behalf of others, keeping one’s minds on Jehovah’s work and choosing a lifestyle according to it, and finally relying on Jehovah when facing trials. As usual, the closing few sentences were very encouraging, telling fellow believers that they must not become inactive or think that they are not good enough to carry out the assignment of the preaching work and also to welcome trials as described in 1Peter 4:12-14, as trials prove one thing: that they are following Jesus.

When asked why these visits are important and what their purpose is, brother Armstrong said: “We come because we want to encourage brothers and sisters to continue with the work, to keep serving Jehovah and to pass on any instructions from the London Bethel (branch office), to the elders; but mainly, to work along with everyone in the preaching.” Brother Armstrong is in London for the next one and a half weeks to get training and then he leaves for Kelso to continue his visiting work.