Kinect moves gamers.

By Oliver Hughes

Last night avid gamers queued for hours in the November cold to get their hands on Microsoft’s latest, and

Microsoft have bigger living rooms then most.

distinctly “hands off”, piece of technology. Kinect works using the latest in motion control technology, implementing 3D infrared cameras to sense the gamers movement and generate an in game, virtual model from over 40 points of a players body working in almost real time.

Back in 2006, Nintendo released the Wii that allowed the player to control of a game using the movement of a controller. Microsoft’s Kinect goes a step further, allowing gamers to interact with the onscreen action through their body movement rather than by holding a controller or pressing a button.

David Braben, founder of British games studio, Frontier Developments said “It’s an amazing technology…if you were to describe this to someone just a couple of years ago, it would have sounded science fiction. There are things that it does that just feel magical.”

Released with a host of family friendly gaming to appeal to casual gamers, Kinect is certainly Microsoft’s greatest effort to grab the attention of the non-gaming, gamers, controlled by the popular Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

Release games include dancing instructor replacement ‘Dance Central’ and ‘Kinectimals’, the perfect virtual replacement for your dog, and/or pet tiger, Kinect is certainly not for the couch potato gamer

Kinect is the latest peripheral for Microsoft’s gaming console and is set to be the next Christmas hit, setting its sights firmly on the casual gaming market, despite costing a hefty price tag of £130, almost as much as a Wii but despite this Microsoft have reportedly been upped the estimated sales for this quarter to 5 million.

For some though, there may be more practical considerations beyond money as Microsoft recommends having at least 6 to 8 feet between the player and the tv.

How far would you go for a copy of Black Ops?

A question that surely whirled in the minds of two unknown and armed robbers as they made off with no less then 100 copies of the record breaking videogame last week.

Not content with waiting for the release date the two men traded in their real guns for some virtual as they raided a Maryland GameStop on Saturday night.

Armed with semi-automatic handguns, the pair burst into the store, relieving it of four crates of the popular videogame, some cash, and several gaming systems.

The budding gamers as off yet, remain at large.