Mo members for Movember

by Sofia Gonçalves

November means Movember for men backing up the worldwide movement started in Melbourne, Australia. Movember members, let’s grow your moustache and stand for prostate cancer awareness.

Curly moustache by

Alan McVittie, president of Edinburgh Napier nurses and midwives international society (NAMIS), is joining this movement this year and stated “I first heard of the movement from word of mouth. It mainly gains publicity from celebrities doing it. Plus, there’s always parties at the end of the month to show you mo. You can get sponsorship for growing your moustache, but for most people is just for fun.”

Sounds like fun but for a serious cause, Mr. McVittie added “Health promotion is one of the key principles of the holistic nursing practice, which seeks to move away from the fundamental basics of curing patients to ensure public involvement in the health care. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer of men, after lung cancer.”

Inspired by the pink ribbons, Movember was created by the Mo Bros, who decided, in 2003, that it was time to become active on the fight of prostate cancer.

Basic rule: from a clean shaved cut at the beginning of the month, men have to let their moustache grow until the end of the month. This men’s health movement started as a joke but raised “$55,000 (£34,423.93)  for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia – representing the single largest donation they had ever received.” as it is said in the Movember Foundation Site.

According to their website, “Movember is a great and fun way for men to raise awareness and funds for important health issues. Over 36,000 men in the UK were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009, testicular cancer has increased by 34% over the past decade. In 2009 over £26 million was raised worldwide from Movember sponsorships.”

The events in Edinburgh include parties at Medina, the Electric Circus, the Ferry Tap and Nobles.