Month of Movember raises cancer awareness

By Morag Hobbs

Movember has this year taken hold of the nations men and raised over £2 million in the UK so far, although has seen many people grow some pretty horrific facial hair in the process.

The charity idea, started in 2003 starts on 1 November with the intention for men to grow their facial hair in the name of raising money toward helping raise awareness for cancers affecting men, mainly prostate cancer, has grown into a widespread phenomena with men all over the country growing moustaches in the name of charity. The website raises awareness of prostate cancer, which is a very serious issue in the UK, with 12% of all cancer deaths being due to this type of cancer, the second highest after lung cancer.

According to the official website, over £12 million has been raised worldwide so far, and hopefully this year will prove better than years before in the fight against cancer.

Numbers have fallen in recent years due to ad campaigns stressing for men to be more aware of the dangers, and Movember continues to spread the word and in doing so saving lives. Ryan Dawson, 21 from Belfast (now living in Edinburgh) says “Movember is an opportunity for men to raise money without doing very much but brings about awareness in a comedic way; it’s good fun.” Ryan is one of a 2,500 people signed up to the official Facebook page, with many more pages set up for individuals. Alistair Edwards, a student from Edinburgh who is taking part this year says “it’s to raise awareness of prostate cancer as 1 in three men are affected by it and i am part of a team of guys that are doing it and so far we have raised around four or five hundred pounds.” To donate, visit the official website or visit Alistairs donation page.

Not just men can help raise awareness during Movember