More than 20,000 unite against government’s education cuts

By Jenny Kassiner

24,034 students from all over the UK are registered to unite in London today to march together against the government’s proposed plans for higher education. The government proposed a rise of tuition fees up to £9,000.

More then 1000 of these students have taken busses down from Scotland to protest against the consequences the rise of tuition in England will have on Scotland.

Protests in London

Liam Burns, president of NUS Scotland said this morning: “We know that the levels of cuts the UK Government are eager to implement would not only be devastating in England, but will have a huge impact north of the border as well.

“Increased fees will force Scottish students studying in England into crippling levels of debt and will fuel calls for English students studying in Scotland to pay much higher fees.

“The thousands of students marching in London today is a message to those at Westminster to keep their promise but also a call to Scottish MSP’s ahead of next week’s Scottish budget.”

“Students in Scotland are already in crisis having to live far below the poverty line”, Mr Burns continued.

Steve Hyde, a Marketing Management student in 3rd year, who travelled all the way down to London from Edinburgh, said: “I feel threatened by the government’s plan to raise tuition fees and cut education fundings. I come from a single patent family, so I depend on all funding of education.”

Besides students there are also a number of academic staff marching today. “Teachers and lecturers across Scotland give their full support to those marching today”, said Kay Barnett, EIS president today, “we hope the Coalition Government takes note of just how unpopular these proposals are. This 20,000 strong march is just the start of our campaign against such moves north and south of the border.”

Some students doubt that the demonstration is going to get a response from politicians: “I’m not sure if they will respond but I am here anyway for the satisfaction”, commented Alice Malseed, a graduate from Goldsmith University.

The march will finish with a rally and speeches from union members, such as NUS president Aaron Porter