News round up

by Sean McLennan and Sylvie Metcalfe

Thousands of students march in fees protest.

Thousands of students are protesting today in London in response to the proposition to increase student fees. Many universities are set to charge £9000 a year and as a result many students will not be able to afford it.

Shooting plea to city gym members

Police are contacting all members of an Edinburgh gym in the search for information involving a shooting.

Star giraffe killed by lightning

Hamley the seven-year-old giraffe, an animal star of the hit series ‘Wild at Heart’ was struck by lightning today.

Cocaine statistics shock

The UK has the worst cocaine abuse problem in Europe according to EU’s drug monitoring agency. A report says nearly 15% of 18 – 34 year olds in the UK clim to have used the drug at least once. This compares to less than 12% of the same age group in Spain and around 8% in Ireland. It is also a worse rate than the USA, Canada and Australia.

Mark McGhee confident of keeping job

Aberdeen manager, Mark McGhee, has told the press he has no fears of losing his job. His future is being questioned following their 9-0 defeat to Celtic.

Royal Navy criticised for cutbacks

Shadow defence secretary, Jim Murphy, has decided to back the group of Royal Navy Chiefs who have criticised the decision to scrap to important naval fleets. The officials say it could leave the Falklands vulnerable to attack.

Rail disaster finally summed up

Network Rail and maintenance company are to be prosecuted over the 2002 Potters Bar crash.

Huge welfare cuts by 2014

MP Iain Duncan Smith has launched plans to cut Britain’s welfare bill by a massive £18bn in the next four years. ‘The White Paper’ is expected to outline details of a universal credit scheme which will attempt to reduce all benefits and introduce month long community placement programmes.

More NHS improvements needed

An announced visit to Dumfries Infirmary finds a number of improvements need to be made to reduce infection risk.

Organisation need to keep new year plans a reality

The Scottish government has been urged to keep a fund running for the Hogmany Celebrations in Edinburgh. Peter Irvine believes that regular contributions to the events from the government are essential and the celebrations are extremely beneficial to Edinburgh’s economy.

Woman identified in fatal fire

The identity of a woman who died following a house fire in Edinburgh in the 8th of November has been confirmed today. 35-year-old Stephanie Foley attempted to escape through a first floor window and later passed away at the Royal Infirmary.

Appeal for information on missing woman’s birthday

Betty Brown, who is 56 today was last seen on May 28getting off a bus on Nicholson Street at around 1.55am. Chief Inspector Murray Dykes told the press: “Betty’s birthday should be an occasion for celebration, but instead we are appealing for information that can help us reunite her with her family.”