Susan Boyle greeted with warm welcome from Waterstones crowd

By Rachel Hennessy and Sam Hendry

Susan Boyle marked the launch of her book ‘The Woman I Was BornTo Be’ with a signing in Waterstones on Princes Street West End. While the official start time was 5:30pm,  fans began queuing as early as 11am.

The signing took place on the first floor with fans lining the aisles in anticipation of Susan’s arrival.

Isabel MacNeill, a senior book seller who has worked for the company for seven years described the event and said ” it went very well, it was really nice and there was a good crowd.”  In addition Ms MacNeill went on to say how she thought “Susan looked like she was really enjoying it.”

The book describes her difficult childhood and adult life before dealing with events after her memorable Britain’s Got Talent audition which catapulted her to worldwide fame.   All those who had taken the time to queue to see Susan were not disappointed as she managed to see everybody who was waiting.

Those who had hoped for a personal dedication from Boyle though were let down though,  as she was only allowed to sign her name due to time constraints.

Graheme Shinwell, who created a Susan Boyle forum with members reaching numbers of nearly 60,000 has met Susan on a number of occasions and described her as ” a wonderful woman, not just a great talent.” He went on to say how “it was lovely to meet Susan and she loves her fans dearly.”

Graheme Shinwell (second from left) and other fans of Susan Boyle at the  book signing

Another  fan, 23-year old Jenny Brown from Edinburgh, said “I don’t know what it’s going to be like to meet her; I will probably be quite overwhelmed. It will be like meeting The Queen or something.”

The event was an overall success with both Susan and her fans going home happy.