Forest Café is in serious trouble but still fights

Tymon Ruszkowski

Forest Café has been given the task to raise £500,000  to buy their current premises or face displacement. Plans for a meeting on November 14 are in place and the cafe workers are urging members of the public to attend. Forest Café and Roxy Art House were run by the charity  Edinburgh University Settlement who were declared bankrupt last month after its spending exceeded its income by £300,000 in the last few years. Founded in 1905, the independent social action charity has close links to Edinburgh University with students favouring their venues. The charity owned several other properties in addition toe Roxy Art House and the Forest Cafe such as Stepping Stones and a community learning centre.The eminent closure of Roxy Art House came as a surprise to its employees as the establishment had recently fallen under new management. Their success during the Fringe and Hidden Door festivals was unprecedented.A non-profit organisation, the Forest Cafe runs a restaurant, publish-house, record company in addition to several other concerts and shows all of which are executed by volunteers..When asked employees of the company expressed their worry and addressed that no one really knew what was going to happen. Management  plan to maintain the normal running of the restuarant until the Cafe finds out more about the possible closure.