RSPCA voice concerns to pet lovers

By Armelle Murray


credit: flickr, Alex Goodey

Help is being given to pet owners nation-wide through online information given by the RSPCA this week as poisoning of pets has become an unfortunate problem.

The RSPCA received over 2,020 calls last year regarding poisoning, making it the highest level in 5 years. These figures prompted the RSPCA to join forces with the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS), who provide 24 hour advice for veterinary professionals, to create additional online web pages containing detailed information on prevention, detection and treatment of poisoned animals.

Alexander Campbell, head of VPIS said:

“We were delighted to collaborate so closely with the RSPCA to help identify the most common causes and to assist in compiling advice that is authoritative rather than anecdotal.”

Many of the calls seem fishy, with many cases believed to be deliberate. The site does warn that many  common household substances could cause serious harm to your pets, with foods such as chocolate, grapes and simple medicine like paracetamol making the ‘keep out of reach of pets’ list. Rachel Roxburgh, a scientific officer from the RSPCA companion animals department urges this message to pet lovers:

“It is vital that owners are aware of the risks and take steps to reduce the chances of their pet coming into contact with these items and substances in the first place”.

The new web pages give advice on emergency situations for most common pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and pet rodents. More advice can be accessed by logging on to the VPIS website to ensure your furry companions are in safe hands.