Sir Jackie Stewart says: “I still don’t know my ABCs”

By Melissa Wong

Sir Jackie Stewart is one of many people who suffer from a learning difficulty called dyslexia.  Many people associate the incurable condition with literacy difficulties, however, it also relates to other difficulties in everyday functioning.

Sir Stewart found out he had dyslexia at the age of 41 and he admitted that his life could have been very different.  He claimed that, after he left school, he felt ‘battered and bruised’ because his teachers could not identify why he struggled with academia. When he was diagnosed, it was a personal revelation to realise that he was not stupid but in fact suffered from a condition that was common for approximately 10% of the British population.

As each case of dyslexia is different and varies from person to person, it can be easily disregarded or misunderstood.  Campaigns like Dyslexia Awareness Week (1 – 7 November) allows people to recognise the hereditary condition and search for support.

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