Santa’s coming to Edinburghs nightlife

By Chris Enderby
Edinburghs first party of the holiday seasonOnly in its second year the snow party is hoping to repeat its huge success last year which lead to it being brought back for a second consecutive year.One of the events organizers  Stuart Ramsay was available for comment about the planned party.

The events boasting some really exciting options to bring the crowds in , from real snow to a reindeer rodeo ,who doesn’t love a bit of snow especially when it’s being fired from two large cannons onto the dance floor.

Clearly trading of the christmas vibe starting to fill the air the organizers are setting up for a large kick of to Edinburgh’s holiday Season.
However the reindeer rodeo did cause some  slight confusion and It was speculated if they were getting some real ones in however Stuart said ” Though it would probably be amazing ,mixing live animals with drunk students doesn’t always work well”.

so instead they have brought in a Mechanical bull and given it a bit of a face lift to get in the holiday spirit and now looking like a reindeer he’s waiting to test the students out at Lava Ignite.

He also said that it was  “cavs(another name for Lava Ignite) biggest winter party and only happens once a year”  clearly a good enough reason to head down and check it out ,Coupling  once a year event with student Drinks prices makes it a very enticing night out for the young and the restless.

The “Snow Party” is also being marketed as a pre-exam party, now this may not seem like the greatest way to pull people in , Most don’t want to go out and become legless just before an exam .

That being  said however if your exams not on the 28th of November  and you’ve been cooped up for weeks studying a single night of to blow off the steam you’ve built up from staying in for weeks may be a good idea.

When  asked about this  Stuart  said ” we wanted to give students who’d been spending  6-8 hours a day studying for exams  a chance to unwind and let their hair down for a night”,
This would allow you to go into your exam well prepared and not totally  stressed about how your going to perform and trying to lock down that little fact that keeps slipping your mind.

Now many people have a Facebook account and you may be able to see this event from the link  posted in this article , after doing research for this event though and talking to some older people a realisation has dawned.

The era of Street Promoters for clubs is going the way of the dinosaurs , it’s a rare sight to see large teams of promoters out on the street handing out flyers instead they run one or two people for the whole night,
they do still go and flyer student living accommodations but honestly using Facebook and twitter is the main way for these PR staff  to get in touch with the people who are going to be coming to their club nights

Having  spoken with a few club promoters asking them why they use Facebook rather than the old-fashioned way of street teams and got some good responses , Craig Wilson who Promotes  a Friday night at Bacaro said that “using Facebook allows me to run my event without  being slowed down by the time of day. if I want to put out an event I can do it right then ,the weather doesn’t affect who see’s the event  and it also allows me to keep cost’s down” .

This is sound marketing  and as he said “It’s a business”  there for you to have a good time but also to make a profit.

Speaking with some door supervisors  from some various clubs in Edinburgh about whether or not they though Facebook was taking over from the more well know ways of getting people into clubs.

Craig Gamble who works a variety of establishments all over Edinburgh told me “It varies really , when I work at a bar or pub and they’re doing an event most of the folk come in with a flyer but then the bars only sent one or 2 folk out , at a large club night they sometimes don’t even bother with the token street team just relying on Facebook events and word of mouth”

We are a generation that’s grown up with Social media ,from  MySpace to Facebook .

As we’ve grown we have taken these tools that have grown with us into the real world  and starting putting them into use replacing systems that though sound in principle are now becoming dated as technology advances and allows us to access new media outlets to connect with people.