Walking on fire


Are you hot footed enough to fundraise? Credit: http://blog.newsok.com

By Anne Mackie

2009 saw the UK’s first ever Firewalk in support of the OneKind charity. More than      £3, 000 was raised by 18 fearless supporters who walked bare foot across hot coal  burning at a core temperature of over 600°F.

The success of the event has sparked other hot-footed charity walkers across the UK with events in 2010 running throughout Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. The heat is definitely on as Onekind have promised to stage two further firewalking events on Saturday 26 March 2011 in Edinburgh, and Sunday 27 March 2011 in Glasgow.

Safe danger experts at Survivorbility are looking into promoting other fundraising phenomenons including glass walking, board breaking, re-bar bending and arrow breaking.

Steve McGardle,  member of the firewalking institute of research and education said: “Charity fundraising can’t afford to stop, no matter what the economic climate, so you need to find a creative way to inspire the amazing people who want to raise money for your charity. Hosting a charity fire walking event is not only more exciting than asking people to run a few kilometres, fire walking has also proven to be an excellent way to raise money”.

With tuition and training for the hot footed fundraisers provided on the night, there is no better way to face your fear, surrounded by family and friends, walking across burning hot embers miraculously unharmed. It’s the challenge of a lifetime.

OneKind will announce venues in early 2011 for Firewalks via their website.  Early registration is recommended and costs £20 entitiling you to a fundraising and information pack, containing everything you need.

OneKind is an animal protection charity.