By Margarita Dimitrova

In a second rally for this week called by Stop the War Coalition hundreds are to gather both in Edinburgh and Glasgow in solidarity with the people of the Middle East.

Founded 10 years ago, Stop the War Coalition is a UK-wide campaign that calls for the support of the British public to the people of the Middle East, and an end to UK foreign policy that supports and arms dictators.


On Tuesday this week over 200 people gathered together in Edinburgh to show their solidarity, while in a parallel protest in Glasgow the number of participants was doubled despite the short notice for the event.


Organisers explain that although a lot of people are strongly against British and US foreign policies, many of them feel like there is nothing they could do personally to change the situation. But with the recent events in Tunisia and Egypt people all over the world have started to believe that their voice can be heard and make an impact.


Participants in today’s protest in Edinburgh point as an achievable and realistic goal for them to make clear that people in this country are not in support of the government’s foreign policy and allowing the sale of arms to tyrants who use it against their own people.

Depending on the impact the protests will have today, the Stop the War Coalition has confirmed it is planning more in the following weeks.