Baroness hails Scottish identity

by Katy Docherty

Muslims have adopted a kilts and turbans attitude

Baroness Warsi has credited the strong Scottish national identity for avoiding the pitfalls of fascism and religious extremism.

The Scottish culture is welcoming to others

On a recent visit to Glasgow, the Conservative party co-chairperson hailed Scots for having a strong culture and heritage which everybody could “buy into” regardless of race or religion: “There is some very distinctive Scottish culture, so you find regularly Sikhs turning up in kilts for their wedding, with the turban on as well.”

The Baroness added that England could learn from the Scottish example by building a stronger sense of culture. The lack of identity in England has led to young men being easily swayed towards islamic extremism or far-right groups like the English Defence League, she argues.

“It’s about the strength of the culture that you arrive into. And I think the strength of the culture in England, over the last 15 to 20 years, has been downgraded in a way that hasn’t happened in Scotland.”

Her comments come a month after David Cameron announced that state multiculturalism had failed, an assertion which Baroness Warsi has been vocal in her support for.

In January Baroness Warsi said that Islamophobia was “rife” in the UK and had become commonplace at dinner parties.