The cyclists’ path to happiness

by Sandra Juncu

New smartphone technology is set to make cycling easier in Edinburgh

Good news for cyclists in Edinburgh. With the development of Innertube, a new hi-tech travel service designed to help those getting around by bike, cycling in the city is about to become a whole lot easier.

The Innertube, developed by The Bike Station through their Climate Challenge Fund, is a map inspired by the London Underground. It charts cycle paths and footpaths in the city. The interactive system will allow cyclists to use their smart phones and send pictures of difficult areas. A team of advisers would review these images and add them to the online map.

News of the new technology is welcomed by local cyclists. Andrew, a 27 year-old student that commutes by bike, told us: “any improvement in cycle infrastructure can only be a good thing in my book.”

Also, if you are not up to date with technology do not worry because a printed version of the map is available online at The Bike Station, and at the public library.

The creators of Innertube are promising more developments in the future but, until then, they are encouraging Scots to help make Edinburgh more eco-friendly by choosing the green way around town.