Emergency relief fund set up for tsunami victims.

(Image courtesy of: YouReporter.it)

A relief fund has been set up by the GlobalGiving organization to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami which devastated Japan last night. The aim of the project is to collect $90,000 to “disburse funds to organizations providing relief and emergency services”, and it is meant to be the first step of a series of international actions for support.

If you wish to contribute to the cause, you can access the project’s webpage here.

Latest Tsunami Updates

  • More Tsunami warnings are coming in. Over 53 Countries  including the entire West Coast of the U.S. , Russia, Kenya, Canada, Indonesia, Central America are now on Tsunami Watch.
  • Although alerts have been lifted for some countries, including Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.
  • The Tsunami has struck the Hawaiian Island of Honolulu and it set on a path of destruction.
  • President Barack Obama has sent condolences and has stated that the U.S. stand ready to help on his Twitter Page. He has instructed FEMA to be ready to assist Hawaii and the rest of the U.S. states & territories that could be affected.
  • The US State Oregon emergency management has advised coastal residents to evacuate before 7am PST due to tsunami risk.
    More than 200 dead and several hundred missing after Earthquake and Tsunami strikes Japan.
  • The UN Secretary General, has stated that the UN will do anything to Help Japan and that 30 International Rescue Teams are ready to be sent out.

Somersaults – A National Theatre of Scotland Platform Performance

National Theatre of Scotland-Somersaults. Picture credit Drew Farrell

Review by Susannah Radford

Somersaults, by Iain Finlay MacLeod, is a lovely meditation on the power of language, its link to identity and the pain associated with trying to keep a dying language alive.  Identity is eroded as one’s mother tongue is forgotten. It’s a cause for concern; in the last census Gaelic speakers made up just under 2% of the Scottish population.

As James’ life collapses he also has to face up to his father’s impending death, his last remaining link to the Gaelic language; his mother tongue. Continue reading Somersaults – A National Theatre of Scotland Platform Performance

Most expensive homes in Scotland

by Simon Black
Simon Black reports in Ettrick Road, 2nd Most Expensive Street in Scotland

A recent report compiling data from the Registers of Scotland (RoS) has discovered that the most expensive residential street in Scotland is right here in Edinburgh. The list was formed by using annual average prices of house sales between September 2006 and September 2010.Belmont Drive near Murrayfield topped the list with an average house price of £2,346,000, over half a million more than the average cost of Ettrick Road, the second most expensive street in Scotland. Continue reading Most expensive homes in Scotland

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall set to marry in Edinburgh

Cannongate Kirk Edinburgh Source: Telegraph

By Celeste Carrigan

As Royal Wedding fever starts to set in across the UK, Scotland is starting to prepare for the 2nd of Royal Marriages to happen this Year. Princess Ann’s daughter Zara Phillips and fiancé rugby player Mike Tindall have chosen to hold their nuptials in Edinburgh. The summer wedding will be a small family affair, with the ceremony happening at Cannogate Kirk on the Royal Mile . The reception will take place at the Queen’s Scottish residence Palace of Holyroodhouse. Further updates on this story to follow in the tv news bulletin on Edinburgh Napier News.

Gaddafi troops launch assault

by Blythe Harkins

Loyal troops to the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi have landed at the Port of Ras Lanuf this morning.  Sounds of fire arms rang out on Friday morning and smoke rose above the town causing people of this residential area to panic.  It is said that four boats carrying about 40 to 50 men each landed in the Port this morning.

credit: Reuters

Check out the full story on the following websites:




Cardinal O’Brien visits convicted child killer in hospital

Cardinal Keith O'Brien visited Riggi at Royal Edinburgh Hospital. Source: BBC

By Georgi B

Cardinal Kieth O’Brien, the leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland visited a woman in hospital who confessed to murdering her three children, it is believed. Continue reading Cardinal O’Brien visits convicted child killer in hospital

Hawaii on alert after Japan earthquake

Speed of Tsunami across Pacific Basin. Source: Sky News

By Susannah Radford

In the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake, a 4.5 magnitude earthquake has just shaken Hawaii’s Big Island.  Residents in the low-lying areas of the islands have been ordered to evacuate to higher ground as the tsunami waves are expected to hit around 3am local time.  Tourists staying at the world-famous Waikiki beach are also being evacuated. Continue reading Hawaii on alert after Japan earthquake

Vandalization at the City Chambers

credit: Edinburgh Evening News

by Blythe Harkins


The ‘Stone of Remembrance,’ a war memorial outside of the City Chambers on the Royal Mile was vandalized recently.  Either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, white paint was thrown on the nearby walls and in front of the memorial.  A team of specialists had to be called in t0 remove the paint, with the Council believing that a specialized paint was used for the defacing.   It is unknown how much the removal of the paint cost the city.  Today a team of marble polishers are going to be returning to the memorial to restore it to its original state.  Defacing public property is bad enough but when it comes to a sacred memorial, a new question arises entirely.  Hopefully Edinburgh will find the culprit and actions will be taken.  For the full story, check out the news bulletin on Edinburgh Napier News TV.


New research unveils deeper understanding of body fat

Scientists have recently discovered why some people are apple shaped and others pear shaped.

The optimum body shape is pear as opposed to apple. (Photo accreditation: yahoo.net)

University of Edinburgh researchers have defined one particular protein that plays a crucial part in determining how fat is stored and distributed in the body. By obtaining a greater understanding of how this protein works, medicines can be developed to treat obesity.

Dr Nicholas Morton, from the University’s Centre for cardiovascular research said “this study opens up new avenues for research, and gives us a much better idea of why some fat in the body becomes unhealthy while other fat is safely stored for energy”. Continue reading New research unveils deeper understanding of body fat

Tsunami hits Japan

Japan Earthquake Epicentre. Source: BBC News

By Susannah Radford

An earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter Scale shook Japan at 2.46pm local time near Sendai.  The earthquake which is the largest for 140 years, was centred  20 miles underground about 250 miles from Tokyo.  While aftershocks have continued, the tsunami is of immediate concern reaching up to 10 metres in height. At least 29 people have been reported dead. Continue reading Tsunami hits Japan

Marriages in Scotland on the up

By Georgi B

Marriages in Scotland are now on the rise according to new figures. This is also relative to the number of divorces, which has dropped dramatically since 2009 according to information collected by the General Register of Scotland.

In 2010, there were 28, 480 marriages which is 956 more than in 2009. Divorces have dropped by 478 to 9,893. Duncan Macniven, the registrar general for Scotland told the Scotsman, “We saw an increase in the number of marriages in Scotland in 2010. At 28, 480, the total for the year was 956 higher than in 2009, but still 423 fewer than in 2008.”

This is in spite of the financial strain which is affecting people across the country. An online poll by Opinium Research done in 2010 found that more than half the people polled were feeling the pressure to buy expensive gifts and attend stag/hen parties. The average amount of money spent on gifts in Scotland was £100.43.