Marriages in Scotland on the up

By Georgi B

Marriages in Scotland are now on the rise according to new figures. This is also relative to the number of divorces, which has dropped dramatically since 2009 according to information collected by the General Register of Scotland.

In 2010, there were 28, 480 marriages which is 956 more than in 2009. Divorces have dropped by 478 to 9,893. Duncan Macniven, the registrar general for Scotland told the Scotsman, “We saw an increase in the number of marriages in Scotland in 2010. At 28, 480, the total for the year was 956 higher than in 2009, but still 423 fewer than in 2008.”

This is in spite of the financial strain which is affecting people across the country. An online poll by Opinium Research done in 2010 found that more than half the people polled were feeling the pressure to buy expensive gifts and attend stag/hen parties. The average amount of money spent on gifts in Scotland was £100.43.