Further updates on the Japan disaster

Weather map of the Japanese Tsunami

By Emily Glass

Following this morning’s fears that a nuclear meltdown is imminent after temperatures continued to rise in Fukushima’s second reactor, a government spokesman has released a statement saying another major explosion is unlikely. With the cooling water having evaporated, sea water is being reinjected into the plant to regain safer temperature levels.

After postponing a power outage across Tokyo thanks to residents lessening their usage rolling blackouts are being carried out instead to counteract the severe damage done to its Fukushima plant.  Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin has said that Russia is ready to divert up to 6,000MW of electricity to Japan to help deal with the country’s power shortages.

March Air Reserve Base Airmen prepare supplies for Japan tsunami relief

Food, water and fuel shortages are threatening to bring even more devastation to the Japanese people as Prime Minister Naoto Kan calls on his country to unite in these troubled times. Japanese television channels have started showing adverts again, but with a difference. Yariv Hastilow, a Japanese resident, posted on the BBC website saying that instead of advertising the usual consumer goods, the channels are urging viewers to help their neighbours.

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