Happy birthday to the dog and bone!

by Jane Bretin

The telephone is 135 years old this month!

Alexander Graham Bell, the Scottish inventor, sought the patent for the first telephonic device in March 1876. Bell is officially recognised as the father of the phone but the American Congress has raised

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doubts about the origin of the idea. They credited the contribution of Italian inventor Antonio Meucci to the creation of the device.

It remains unclear who is responsible for its creation but there no doubt as to its practicality. To this day, it remains one of the most widely used communication methods and it has evolved beyond belief. Telephones are now mobile and communication is established directly from the caller to the receiver.

They now perform a whole range of different services such as texting, photography and even using the internet. The phones themselves have become small and light.

Who would have thought that such a revolution in the world of communication could evolve even further? Mr Bell would certainly be proud.