Scots drink more than ever before

by Jane Bretin and Adam Smyth

Today’s report from NHS health Scotland has revealed that Scottish alcohol consumption is at its highest level in 30 years.

Credit mhaithaca

The report states that alcohol consumption per person has risen by 1.2 liters of pure alcohol a year compared to 1994. It also showed that shop sales have increased significantly with spirits accounting for the largest part of the sales.

As the study showed, Scots are the biggest drinkers in the United Kingdom, well ahead of England and Wales. This raises the question, once again of minimum pricing per unit of alcohol and issue of what pushes the Scottish people to drink. Jennifer Curran, head of policy for Alcohol Focus Scotland told Edinburgh Napier news : “alcohol is now more affordable, more available and is more heavily marketed than at any time over the last 30 years.

Curran adds that the cheap prices make it possible to “exceed the recommended weekly limit for less than £5.” The reality of this statement raises the question of government policy as regards alcohol legislation, a key element in the SNP’s campaign. Alcohol Focus Scotland urges all parties to “consider again the urgent need for a minimum unit price for alcohol to reduce the devastating effects of excessive drinking fuelled by cheap booze”. The amount of alcohol related deaths and accidents has increased significantly since the 1980’s.

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