Finally filming the hobbits

by Anne Mackie

After months of delays, filming on the two ‘Hobbit’ movies is now underway in New Zealand. The wheels of ‘the Lord of the Rings’ prequels are finally in motion after plans were delayed due to funding problems, rows over actors’ wages, and director Peter Jackson’s surgery.

New Zealand: Hobbit hotspot

Star of the films, Martin Freeman, will be putting on his hobbit shoes as Bilbo Baggins with the film due to be released in late 2012. Filming is expected to take up to two years, but the producers assure the waiting world that it will be worth it the wait. The first three ‘Lord of the Rings’ films made about £3.26bn and won 16 Oscars between them. It is hoped the next two will be equally as successful despite the trials and tribulations experienced thus far.

Speaking at a press conference last month, the film’s star, Freeman, joked about the problems it has faced:

“There are some bits of bad luck associated with it… We’re all very optimistic about it. We’re ready to go – just as soon as 2015 comes around.”