Bus price increase announced

By James Horton

Lothian Buses, Edinburgh’s largest bus provider, have announced yesterday that they will be raising the prices of their adult fares from £1.20 to £1.30 as of 3rd April. This is the first change in adult fares since January 2009, which was also a 10p increase.

While student and child prices will be unaffected the revision also includes Adult Day tickets (£3.00 to £3.20) and Ridacards (£42 to £45 per month). The reason given for the increase is to maintain quality and accommodate rising costs, in the official announcement from Lothian Buses they state that “Since the current Adult fares were set in January 2009, the Retail Prices Index has risen by more than 9 percent and the price of fuel has risen by more than 40 percent.”

Ian Craig, the Managing Director of Lothian Buses, also released a statement noting that: “People only have to recall their own personal experience at the supermarket checkout or the petrol station to appreciate how prices have risen.” Nevertheless, the change is likely to be unpopular amongst regular public transport users.

The announcement also includes plans for 75 new buses this year, including 15 “state-of-the-art diesel-electric hybrid vehicles.”