1.30 Bulletin

by Catherine Mumford, Susannah Radford, Fearghus Roulston, Orla Nr Sheaghdha

Orla all warmed up for the 1:30pm bulletin


Listen to today’s 1.30 bulletin to join in the debate as questions are asked about aid to Burma. We talk with Grassmarket Community Project about helping people to fill out the census.  We investigate whether people know about Earth Hour and find out what’s happening in this weekend’s first International Scottish Tattoo Convention.

Listen Here:

One thought on “1.30 Bulletin”

  1. Plus points: you got a lot of clips of interview such as the red cross guy and for earth hour – the voxes there also worked really well. Nice slick presentation style although there was a word cut off at the end which was a slight pity. Just a couple of other minor quibbles – I think you have to decide whether to say ‘myanmar’ or ‘burma’ but not use both without explanation. And perhaps the toplines could sometimes have been more hard-hitting.
    Overall good job, I’d have been happy had I listened to this in my car on the way home from work. (if I had a car or a job)

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