3pm Today’s Edinburgh Napier News Bulletin

For a round-up of today’s news, watch the Edinburgh Napier News bulletin.

Today’s headlines:

– The SNP is under fire over a freedom of information request that took 9 months to respond to.

– A 20-year-old man is in court today charged with the murder of a retired Edinburgh lecturer.

– Morningside Library will close for eight months for refurbishment.

– How will yesterday’s budget affect Scotland’s video-gaming industry?

– Exclusive at Leith Docks – Michael McKeand looks at the latest addition to the port.

8 thoughts on “3pm Today’s Edinburgh Napier News Bulletin”

  1. The opening credits were edited on the day (twice!), they are the Edinburgh Napier News opening credits which are on the scratch drive and available to everyone, we all used them last year with Kenny. It made sense therefore to brand the 3pm bulletin with the official Napier News opening sequence.

    In her cue for the Holyrood story, Claudie states she was at Holyrood earlier to investigate, the confusion as to why she appears in Holyrood then back in the studio is a wee trick we used called rolling news. Our presenters were able to do it all.

    We aimed to produce our television news aimed at the more local stories which were of interest to the community, hence why the library closure story appeared before our ‘and finally’ scoop of the HMS Edinburgh. When looking at our audience figures on WordPress from the last weeks news day, we had a record day of hits with our local Red Nose Day story. With this hyper local audience in mind we produced news relevant to the community visually and left the international stories online and on radio, so we could do them justice and still reach and inform our audience.

    The footage we used for the gaming sequence was the official teaser footage for some game which is able for re-use. We admit flaws in the package but for producing the entire thing under our circumstances and the theory is all there.

  2. There was a sense of urgency in the court story Tony, because this bloody ned wouldn’t get out the shot! Kept coming in “Ahhhhhhh ah want tae be a journalist! Lemme in thae shot pal!”. So yes, urgency, because I wanted to run away. Cheers for the comments guys. Neal.

  3. Well done guys! Wide range of interesting stories which were relevant to the day, especially the exclusive at Leith Docks with HMS Edinburgh.

    Perhaps Claudie shouldn’t have done a package if she was presenter as it looked a bit odd her being on location and then she suddenly appears in the studio. Her package was good though and relevant. Just out of interest, where did you guys manage to get the footage for the game from? Is that not subject to copyright?

    It was a good call to get an update at the courts on the arresting and charging of the Merchiston murder suspect.

  4. Great idea with the intro, although it was a bit cheesey, especially the music. Was it made on the day or before? The stories chosen for the bulletin were good, although I’m not sure that Claudie’s story should have been included since she was the presenter – but it was a good story to have. The story about the library was not very newsworthy. The rest of the stories in the bulletin were really well done. Claudie is really great as a news presenter. Good job, well done guys!

  5. Great intro. Claudie is a great news reader, very professional, but it’s kind of weird to see her doing a PTC in the first package. Good selection of stories, but maybe too many PTC and too less interviews in Blythe’s and Neal’s packages.

  6. Plus points: good lively intro and presenting style; sense of urgency in court story; nice mix of stories but showed a clear focus on local news not confused by attempts to go international as well; great shots of the battleship and computer game from first person perspective.
    Minus points: We thought the story order was questionable – why was the ship at the end behind the library closure which wasn’t such a big story? Also having presenter and reporter as same person was a bit strange, especially as top story.
    Overall though, an entertaining and informative news bulletin.

  7. I really love the opening sequence. My only criticism is the reporting of the “Merchi Murder”. The man had been charged so the proceedings are active. It could be irresponsible to mention the “homosexual connection” with other murders when the police have ruled out a link. This could prejudice a jury. There is also the issue of if there is no connection then surely the fact he was homosexual is completely irrelevant. It was nice to do it outside the courthouse.

  8. The opening titles are grand, very engaging and professional. Overall I think the packages are of a very high standard with some really cracking PTC’s, interviews and pictures. Claudie is a relaxed and engaging presenter however, it was a bit misleading when she did a package as well. It would have perhaps been more beneficial for the entirety of the bulletin if someone else had done. It’s great story though. I really enjoyed watching this though and your hard work has definitely paid off – congrats!

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