“Holy App” mayhem for Ipad 2 release

By Celeste Carrigan

Apple's Latest Gadget the Ipad2 Source: Apple

It is a gadget filled weekend with the release of the Nintendo 3DS and the Apple Ipad 2.

Thousands of people began queuing last night to get their hands on two of the biggest gaming gadgets as they battle it out for sales. Nintendo 3DS had a midnight launch with thousands queuing outside shops nationwide.  London’s Oxford HMV store held the official launch of the Nintendo 3DS with Plan B playing for the crowds.

Apple Ipad 2 is released today at 5pm. It is thinner, lighter, faster, and boasts new features like face time and smart cover as well as a ten hour battery life. Thousands are waiting out day and night to be the first to have their hands on the latest technology.

Alan Williamson from Cancom, Apple premium retailer store in Edinburgh, spoke to Edinburgh Napier News about the Ipad 2 Release.

“We already have a queue for the IPad 2 and will sell out of all our stock by the end of the day- phones have been ringing off the hook! I’m sure some people will inevitably be disappointed when we sell out, but we’ll have a good supply of stock in the next few weeks to meet demand.”

It has been ten months since we saw the long queues that formed for the release of Apple’s first Ipad which along London Regent street. The Ipad 2 has been selling out across the US and it is expected to do the same in the UK.