“The Forest has too much soul to close”

by Jane Bretin

Source The Forest blog


It has been announced today that The Forest Cafe must leave its current location in Bristo Place by August 31 2011.

The Cafe received a letter from the Trustees of Edinburgh University Settlement stating they would have to leave the premises when the lease ends in August. Edinburgh’s most famous independent arts’ centre launched a campaign last Autumn in an attempt to raise money to buy the building.

The campaign is set to continue until the very last-minute with more events to come which include the massive Roofraiser. This month-long event features free gigs every week, Wednesday to Sunday between 8pm and 11pm.

The outcome of the campaign is still uncertain. So what would happen if it did have to close? Harry Giles, fundraiser officer for the venue told us that if all else fails; “We will look for another building but The Forest has too much soul to close altogether. Even if we need to take a break for a few months to sort things out, we will reopen.”

The cafe has become one of the city’s landmarks throughout the years and is a popular festival venue. It relies on volunteers and organises free events to promote all forms of art. The Forest is also a community centre as it includes a hair salon, several music venues and is also involved in projects worldwide.

To take part in the campaign or show your support, click here to sign the petition or donate a couple of pounds.